This list of infernal names is purely for reference purposes. Those who wish to study the history of each name is free to do so as all things infernal are relevant to satanism.

Abaddon – personification of destruction, doom,a messenger of death
Adramalech –  personification of the devil (Samarian )
Ahpuch – personification of death (Mayan devil)
Ahriman – personification of the devil (Mazdean devil)
Amon – personification of the ram-headed god of life and reproduction (Egyptian)
Apollyon -personification of the god of war,descruction,ruler of hell,
synonym for Satan, (Greek)
Asmodeus – personification of desire, wealth ,power & judgement
Astaroth – personification of the goddess of passion, desire, lasciviousness, may be the equivalent of Babylonian Ishtar (Phoenician)
Azazel – personification of invention,creativity of metal working, ingenuity, warfare & cosmetics (Hebrew)
Baalberith –  personification ruler of pacts ,Lord of the covenant, descender (Canaanite)
Balaam – personification of the devil ,devilgod of avarice and greed (Hebrew)
Baphomet – personification of a god-goat alleged to have been worshipped by the knights templars, used by someone satanic symbolism and rituals
Bast – personification of the goddess of pleasure depicted as a cat (- Egyptian)
Beelzebub – personification ruler or Lord of the Flies, taken from the symbolism of the scarab (Hebrew)
Behemoth – personification of Satan incarnated as an elephant(s)
Beherit – personification GOD of hell ,an alleged  name for Satan(Syriac)
Bilé – personification god of the infernal realms or hell (Celtic)
Chemosh – personification National god , incarnation of the devil (Moabites)
Cimeries – personification ruler who ride upon a black horse (Africa)
Dagon – personification an avenging devil her presides one the sea. (Philistine)
Damballa – personification the serpent of god(Voodoo)
Demogorgon – personification  of the devil, an ineffable infernal name that should be unknown to mortals (Greek)
Diabolous – personification god of the lower realms ,descending,”Flowing downwards” (Greek)
Dracula – personification son of the devil or dragon, descendent of the infernal race(Romanian)
Enma-O –  personification ruler of Hell,god of the infernal realms( Japanese)
Euronymous – personification Prince of Death,ruler of time & mortality (a misspelling, correct spelling Eurynomos)
Fenris – personification wolf-god ,Son of Loki
Gorgo – personification of the devil ,dim. of Demogorgon, (Greek name)
Haborym – personification of Satan, Hebrew
Hecate – personification of goddess of the hell and magic (Greek)
Ishtar – personification of the  goddess of fertility & birth(Babylonian)
Kali – personification a high priestess of the Thuggees,Daughter of Shiva (Hindu)
Lilith – personification mother of all the living, goddess of the infernal realms ,queen of immortality, Adam’s first wife who created self conciousness ,she who wields the mirror (Hebrew)
Loki –  personification of the devil (Teutonic )
Mammon – personification the  god of wealth and profit (Aramaic)
Mania – personification the  goddess of Hell (Etruscan)
Mantus – personification the god of Hell (Etruscan)
Marduk – personification the god of the city of Babylon
Mastema – personification of Satan (Hebrew)
Melek Taus – personification of the the devil (Yezidi)
Mephistopheles – personification of darkness ,he who shuns the light, q.v. Faust (Greek)
Metztli – personification of the goddess of the night,goddess of the morning (Aztec)
Mictian – personification god of death, mortality (Aztec)
Midgard – personification of the serpent,son of Loki
Milcom – personification of the devil (Ammonite)
Moloch – personification of the devil (Phoenician and Canaanite )
Mormo – personification King of the Ghouls, consort of Hecate (Greek)
Naamah – personification  female devil-god of seduction,temptation (Hebrew)
Nergal – personification god of Hades,hell,the abyss ,infernal realms (Babylonian)
Nihasa – personification of the devil (American Indian)
Nija – personification god of the underworld,hell,infernal realms, the abyss(Polish)
O-Yama -personification of Satan  (Japanese)
Pan -personification god of lust, later relegated to devildom (Greek)
Pluto – personification god of hell (Roman)
Prosperine – personification  queen of the underworld ,hell (Greek)
Pwcca – personification of Satan(Welsh)
Rimmon -personification devil-god worshipped at Damascus (Syrian)
Sabazios – personification origin, identified with Dionysos, snake worship(Phrygian)
Saitan – personification of Satan ,god of one thousand weapons, he who bears a “sai”(Enochian)
Samael – personification of poison ,”Venom of God” (Hebrew)
Samnu – personification of the  devil (Central Asian)
Sedit – personification of the devil (American Indian)
Sekhmet – personification of the goddess of vengeance (Egyptian)
Set – personification of the devil(Egyptian )
Shaitan – personification of Satan (Arabic)
Shiva – personification of destruction ,The Destroyer (Hindu)
Supay – personification god of the underworld ,hell (Inca)
T’an-mo – personification counterpart to the devil, covetousness, desire  (Chinese)
Tchort – personification of Satan,god of darkness, “black god” (Russian)
Tezcatlipoca – personification  god of Hell,abyss,infernal realms (Aztec)
Thamuz – personification ruler-god who was later relegated to devildom  (Sumerian)
Thoth – personification god of magic ,occult ( Egyptian)
Tunrida – personification female devil-god (Scandinavian)
Typhon –  personification of the devil (Greek)
Yaotzin – personification god of Hell ,infernal realms, the abyss (Aztec)
Yen-lo-Wang – personification ruler-god of Hell (Chinese)