“Welcome to the Infernal Church of Satan, whether you stumbled across this website or discovered it by curiosity in SATAN you’ve come to the right place in finding out more about becoming an infernalist and what being a infernalist means. First and foremost before reading any further take off your blindfold of “slave-ation. Slavation is the first thing anyone should be conscious of before journeying into the abyss of infernal teachings and practices. Slavation is that ancient lie fed to humanity in the form of “righteousness” it is the state of being a spiritual, mental or physical slave. Though being a slave is mostly thought of in the physical sense,slavery is deep rooted in the human conscience and is mainly dictated by self guilt we are taught to feel. Utilizing it as a tool to control and mislead the human species into a state of perpetual slavery which is sugarcoated with lies and illusions. Once being conscious that slavation is at work throughout all levels of life on this and perhaps other earths, you are better equipped to embrace occult truths which have been stolen, concealed and sabotaged by the adversaries of darkness.
Infernalists, demonologists, magicians, necromancers, numerologists and more have been to blame throughout history for every wrong doing that takes place. Albeit that is the furthest thing from a real truth that humanity can be programmed with. (i.e) A witch doctor is considered a devil worshiper simply because he has knowledge of occult medical practices. These alleged diabolical practices pathed the way for modern medicine to heal and save lives. The key to understanding truth as opposed to falsehood, is to know that knowledge is accurate and belief is governed by chance, coincidence or tyrannical mindsets. With so much at stake humanity tends to prefer gambling on chance rather than knowing and speaking the truth. If we lean on “real facts “ which is the equivalent to knowledge which is knowing. “Infernalists – Satanists” and so-called “devil worshippers “ have been accused of animal sacrifice for millennia. Lets give these masses of accusers the benefit of the doubt. What is worse, to sacrifice one animal to the supernatural or “slaughter billions” of animals to have bbqs, thanksgiving, hamburgers , hotdogs and the list is literally endless. This doesn’t mean that we are not at liberty to enjoy meat, as being omnivorous places us in opposition to the grass eating slavemaster, who is known to the world by many names.

The answer is overwhelmingly clear, yet “slavation” that little wicked mental blindfold convinces multitudes to justify and point fingers at devote religious women and men“infernalists – satanists. That is only the tip of the iceberg as once your able to identify slavation and the “anti-human programming” of the human mind ,you’ll be empowered to understand the enemy and how crafty he has been in planting the seed of confusion in this world. A infernalist – satanist, behind all the hype has maintained a passive role, how many millions of men and women have been slaughtered like cattle in the name of SATAN? if any anyone has died at the hands of a real infernalist / satanist it was an isolated event. Infernalists – Satanists aren’t mass murders nor dictators. The goal of a infernalist /satanist is to seek truth, live free and die knowing that immortality is a stolen birthright.

The Infernal Church of Satan has been given life in response to the burden of guilt that allegedly exists by default. From our birth we are taught to worship gods and praise saints that we cannot witness with the human eye. We inherit doctrines that were created before our own existence. Allowing no room for argument or discrediting them. We have no proof of anything that we were taught about our spiritual nature or our physical existence. If we rely on history, religion itself evolved through the ages. As human beings experimented with the different things they worship. From animals to stars, trees to rocks and rivers. Though none of us were alive to bear witness to any of these fantastic stories of wealth, glory and blessings. We are still subtly programmed into accepting myths as fact. And with no advancement in “reason”. Humanity continues its same path of war over religion, territory and superiority. It ignores the fact that the very religions that claim to be righteous and exclusive, are in actuality the root of racism, hatred and mass murder. Religion for as long as history can be traced has been the “justified excuse” to invade and slaughter foreign cultures. All the while pointing fingers at the devil as the cause of these atrocities. Infernalists – Satanists have never in history participated in the crusades or any war for that matter, which involved killing human beings without cause. This justified excuse, that someone is the chosen people of a god, in order to slaughter them and steal their lands and possessions, is the reason the Infernal church of Satan exists.

Priests and many religious leaders are guilty of crimes against humanity, the rape of women and children, murder and theft. Yet no one speaks against these powers and does away with their false umbrella of religion. Their religion isn’t based on spirituality, but rather bigotry and subtle dictatorships. These fake religions bleed their congregation dry of their finances, they take from the poor manipulating them that it’s god’s will, that they donate money to their church. And still these false prophets and priests with all their riches and falsehoods are still able to flaunt their wealth and point the finger at others as the guilty. We are allegedly the sinners, the animal sacrificers and devil worshipers. When I say “we” I mean all of us who are not part of these false religions. How is it that people can witness something and still be blind to it? Its called “slavation” the subtle programming of the human mind to voluntarily become slave to lies. That is, you’re being taunted and looked down upon as being as stupid as a mule. As a result, society is lost with such things as entertainment, which distracts you from being conscious of truth. We are being distracted from seeking the truth, knowing the truth and achieving truth. These mirages in the desert are what withholds humanity from progress. While we, as Infernalists believe in “evolving”, these systems continue to flourish and hinder human evolution.

To witness the process of dehumanization and to do nothing, is the same as supporting the religious tyranny that has been taking place for thousands of years. These same two faced religious leaders are hypocrites in all aspects. Do they not have enough money to house and feed all the homeless of the world ? This god-spell that has been placed upon humanity must be challenged. It cannot stand and if it does we are all doomed. The chosen are those who seek truth ,who awake from the ‘deep sleep’ and confounding of tongues. Many do not seem to grasp that if a god purposely confuses humanity he or she is not your god. But rather your enemy. The result of confusion when you divide the human species and give them false understanding and false identities, is hatred for one another. From this, is where hatred came into this world. If you cannot understand what someone is saying, the natural feeling is to dislike them. It does not take a scientist to understand simple things: Allegedly god curses humanity with death, comes down to earth at the tower of babel and confuses humanity by confounding their tongues, hence dividing humanity into cultures and then commanding tribes to war with each other. This god is more foe than friend.

A loving god wouldn’t curse the unborn with death, what do we have to do with what took place, before we were even a thought? This kind of religious thought, be it fiction or fact, is to say the least, ridiculous. We didn’t even ask to be created, but yet we are born cursed because of some alleged ancestral action? Where is the fairness and quality of good in this? This is one of two things, either that god is the enemy or we are nothing more than expendable pawns in the game of life. I can’t begin to fathom the logic as a human or as a supreme being in this act. If anything it seems like someone was having a temper tantrum. And at this point since we are all doomed to death anyways, there’s no reason to even consider the worship of this self-centered deity. I myself have read the bible many times, because you can’t know if you do not study to learn to do so. What I read was something similar to a history book filled with war, theft and murder. Among these righteous teachings were endless curses and punishments. Written to inflict fear. I read that a particular righteous man was ready to sacrifice his son to his god and one brother killed another brother out of jealousy. As I become older and reflect on these scriptural writings the more I confirm that this ‘god of light’ doesn’t have any good intentions for human beings. If the afterlife consists of me singing praises for all eternity, I’d rather be dead. No pun intended.

Infernalism is merely the opposite of this madness. One has to be mentally insane, to be cursed with death, confused and divided into different languages and identities and still want to worship and sing praise to the same enemy who brought these things upon you. Not to mention curses , punishment and death were further emphasized to the third and fourth generation of your offspring. I couldn’t stand any god, human or creature to kill one of my children, let alone generations of them. Again I ask, what kind of madness is this? It is a supernatural ego, I assume , that dominates, controls, enslaves and kills innocent children and adults for the sake of proving its own superiority. Righteous god? I guess if righteousness consists of hideous acts all those who follow this god are on the right path. From ancient times it is said we descended from Adam and Eve, which is false. And that they were created by this god of light, but it was a sin to take the fruit of the tree of knowledge of good and evil. Lets analyze this for a moment: Adam was created to til the ground , that is to be a farmer,slave or flower picker? I’m curious about this, because to be created for the purpose of labor, restricted from what food he can eat, and made to not know that he was naked. The reality of this scenario, is that adam was created to be deaf, dumb and blind.

He shouldn’t listen to the serpent, he should not eat of the fruit of the tree of knowledge of good and evil and he shouldn’t be enabled to see his or her-eve’s nakedness. The deeper I go into thinking the biblical story out, the more apparent it becomes that humanity was created to be some divine pet, to obey on command, eat what the master chooses it to eat,and is forced to stay ignorant and wander around blindly. Yet within the same passage this god confirms that what the serpent said was true. ” Because you have done this now you’re as god to know good and evil”. So in other words the serpent never lied but told the truth and yet was allegedly cursed to go upon its belly for speaking the truth. In all honesty i’ve never seen the hype in worshiping a slave master. The path of an infernalist is anti-conventionalism, it is obscure, yet clear. That the truth is out there we merely need to seek it. In order to place things into context We who believe in DARKNESS, practice the religion of ‘Infernalism’. That is we carry the infernal essence within and represent Infernalism without. As infernalists we practice the occult sciences, as infernalists we put those sciences to work.To simplify this for novices, those who believe in liberty and acknowledge Satan as a revolutionary, practice infernalism. And infernalism is all the occult sciences. I.e numerology, astrology and so forth. The purpose of being a infernalist is to unveil the mysteries of life, not to sit and politic over who is the good or bad god.

We are the adversaries of this slave master, who promotes division, hatred and death. S.A.T.A.N on earth represents supreme authority throughout all nations. That is the Infernal mantra. Because Satan introduced humanity to freedom from slavation. Our religious work is to reunify humanity, that is our mission however difficult that may seem. We do not require the approval of a false god nor are we in need of aid in mortal resurrection. This is the war cry of every infernalist. Because we are able to resurrect ourselves and obtain immortality through knowledge and magic. We are able to achieve anything we set our minds to. We have been programmed to be codependent creatures while possessing the gift all along to be independent. To have self confidence and to conquer the unknown. The infernal church of Satan represents the rediscovery of ourselves. The awakening from the ‘deep sleep’ cast upon humanity. Was Jesus not a master magician ? Did he not perform miracles ? and yet he said what I have done you can do better. If Jesus and god are one and the same, so is every Infernalist a god in the making.

A infernalist can not doubt his or her own ability to over achieve endarkenment. You must first realize you are naked in order to find a reason to create clothing. You must first know your voice is only heard for a certain distance before it gets lost in the wind. Being conscious pushes humanity forward to create technology. And technology gives us authority to conquer the obstacles set out to hinder our progress. Any god who brings destruction in the form of hurricanes or earthquakes to humble our resolve and cause us to fear and submit becomes the enemy of our species. Infenalists do not submit, we do not surrender , we do not cower. We rise to the occasion and confront death and overcome it. The cowards are those who propagate false testimonies, who preach inferiority instead of victory. I’ll be the first to say this; An Infernalist is a human-supremacist! Not bound to hatred toward a culture that was man made out of ignorance, but rather a supremacist over the universe to explore and conquer. Christistians, Catholics, Muslims and other religions as well as humanity as a whole have been programmed to live, grow old and die. While infernalists declare i will not die because i will find the keys to immortality. And “if i die the infernal tribes of Satan will eventually resurrect me”.

A infernalist does not accept defeat because others in our likeness will continue our work after, if and when we ever die. I choose to preach immortality to impulse the infernal church of its true purpose. There is more to living than beaches and entertainment. On top of being confounded, keep in mind you are born ignorant. To not know what we are destined to know is a sabotage against our species. It is time to war with this false god who manipulated us into believing we are no better than any other animal. Who creates snares of death that we as humans must bypass daily. Everyday is a test to see who is able to cheat death. Because death is on every corner, it is instilled in the heart of our species. Not only for us to die but also that we are prone to kill one another. And many fall into this trap, commit suicide, overdose, commit murder or die because of simple foolish acts. I have not come to promote anarchy, but instead Peace. Peace and unity in order to achieve greater heights. If it were to require war then war it would be. Yet the solutions to everything that is taking place today has a simple solution.” it’s called peace” If everyone was to stop for a moment and think and perhaps slightly use their brains, both crime and death would at minimum be placed on hold. Humans do not think straight because most remain in a “confounded state”. The best remedy to escape this mental contamination is “isolation”. If that aids you in focusing and gives you time to reflect.

He and she who separates themselves from madness, will be blessed with true knowledge. It is difficult to remain focused on your pursuit of truth and immortality if you are distracted by the savagery and ignorance that is manifested across the world daily. As a result, we become distracted and lose our resolve and stray away from our true purpose. Humans in today’s age have no purpose, they wander throughout life as wild animals in a wilderness. Adopting religious beliefs and reckless ideologies that serve no benefit. As we sit and watch the world around us self-destruct, every infernalist should be striving for a new earth. This new earth can be here or elsewhere, it can be as close as a secluded mountain or as far as technology takes us in the universe. However, without a doubt a new earth must be inhabited by infernalists. A infernalist is many things, a scientist, a sorcerer, a student and a gardener. This is just to name a few, because a true infernalist is not bound by limitation. We are instead, small components of a larger machine. As of now we are still infants going through a transitional process. You can call it evolution, awakening or self-development. The fact remains that humans are not functioning mentally, spiritually or physically at their maximum potential. Until each person becomes self-conscious, the vicious cycle of death, hatred and envy will continue its course.

Infernalism represents many things, among them is “true spiritual awakening”. It is the “purpose” which is the underlying factor of our religion. You cannot be spiritual if you are not connected with the spirit world. You cannot be spiritual if you do not communicate with the spirit world. You cannot be spiritual if you do not practice the mastering of magic. Because these things comprise spiritualism and invocation of spirits is performed through spiritual acts. Many religions condemn magic, numerology and necromancy. Yet this is part of infernal practices, it is for the most part the essence of our souls to channel our spiritual energies to and from the earth. Without these occult sciences a religion is mute, or likened to christian congregations that act as parrots repeating the same verses every weekend at church. A infernalist does not remain stagnant in spiritual development; you must know the gods to become gods. If you do not know something then you must study and practice to master that craft. All cultures on earth have some sort of spiritual beliefs, but because they only repeat meaningless traditions and ceremonies they remain lost in time. These cultures do not evolve spiritually, they have mere textbook knowledge, which is the equivalent of what I call “generic spirituality”. Again I will reiterate, you cannot be spiritual without spiritual practice. Whether it be astrology or necromancy, the casting of spells or herbal medicine, without active and constant practice you cannot master your spiritual nature.

These religions with false spiritual practices are master manipulators, that is the only thing they have mastered. They have been scamming their way into people’s lives and pockets for thousands of years with no end in sight.They exalt the slave master and promote anarchy through their false prophecies. You do not have to research far to find cover-ups, conspiracies, pedophilia, rape, murder,torture, enslavement, theft and genocide within the Catholic and Christian ranks. This has gone on for thousands of years, only to be excused by their favorite defense ” it is the devil who entered our house or a demon possessed this person to cause him to commit these acts. Take a moment and let off a few if not endless laughs my fellow infernalists. I think the time of reckoning has arrived, and it will be swift in unveiling the true identity of these false religious groups who use the term “religion” to disguise themselves. A religion is a system of spiritual beliefs yet these “god of light religions’ ‘ condemn divination, the reading of cards, use of the Ouija board, necromancy, demonology and every spiritual craft that has to do with magic. Well for all those who have not read the bible, animal sacrifice was an all time favorite among rituals. Let’s not forget walking on water, casting rods and making them become serpents, using rocks as witnesses, feeding 5000 with 5 loaves of bread etc… These things that they called miracles were actually the results of magic. Magic in pure form is simply the manipulation of matter, that is to alter the original form of a specific thing. Whether that be applied for good or bad , the cause ,process and effect stem from magic itself. For sound to travel through radio waves is magic also ,in fact all technologies and all occurrences are the result of magic. With this being said, hopefully the true spiritual people come out from hiding and join the infernal church of satan now !

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